Building a Playful Link

Games can make you feel; they can make you think. They can delight, enchant, and fascinate a player for hours at a time.

Games are primarily an entertainment medium – they give players a unique opportunity to escape from the mundane to magical worlds.

But at Plinq, we believe games can do more. They can educate, persuade, inspire.

Games are an underexploited channel and we want to help others leverage its power.

We want to help organizations translate their message into the language of games, and build a playful link between their brand and customers. Whether it is to captivate their customer’s imagination; or reach a new audience, or boost their sales.

This is new territory for many brands – not many have played in this arena. If this is a new medium for you, let us help you build that playful link!

The team at Plinq

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